Trade Agency
  Customs Clearance
  Warehousing Management
  Transportation and Delivery
  Hazardous article-related

Trade Agency and Customs Clearance
Our tailor-made operational model for logistic and custmos clearace is just as your exclusive steward to take care of your characteristics, individual demands and trading mode.
Import and export trading polies consultation
Customs brokerage for bonded zones, logistic parks and various ports
Import permit application
Foreign exchange-related services
Arrangements for various import and export inspections including commodity inspection
An all-round service chain and complete trading processes
Parent company financial support helpful to your effective customs clearance

Warehousing Management
More than 3000 sq, meters of warehousing facilities, professional talents and effective operators with extensive experience, and involvement in numerous industrial products such as machinery, healthcare, ecectronics, chemicals and consumer goods Container handing, bonded cargos dispatch, sorting and stacking, inventory management, order management, bar code management and other value added services (e.g. tallying, consoldating, packaging and labeling)

Transportation and Delivery

Whether or not it is the bonded cargo, ordinary cargo, container, bulk cargo, hazardous article and other special cargo, we ensure you the precise, safe and timely delivery with our strict monitoring system and powerful transportation capacity. We can provide 10 own customs-supervised trucks(with a load capacity of about 130 tons) and more than 100 vans and container trucks from our partners, in addition to a reserved transportation capacity of another 50 trucks. There foe we are always at our service to solve your problem and provide competitive transportation prices.

Hazardous articles-related qualifications
Qualified to offer special hazardous articles import services with lmport Hazardous Article Operation Permit issued by State Administration of Work Safety